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Dogsled adventure winter

Experience the north-west side of Dalarnas mountain region and forest behind a sleddog team. The team you drive consist of six kind and well trained purebred Alaskan Malamutes and Alaskan Huskies. Take your friends/family with you or come alone and get an experience together with others. Amount of guests on the tour varies between 1-10 persons.

For a private tour please contact us.


Day tours: All tours are guided, two people is sharing one sledge consisting of 5-6 dogs, one sits in the sledge and one drives the sledge, after half the tour you can change with each other.  

  • 2 – hours, 1080 SEK (adult) 790 SEK (children 5-14 years), free (0-5 years)

  • Half day tour, incl. snack, 1800 SEK (adult) 1100 SEK (children 5-14 years), free (0-5 years)

  • Day tour, incl. sausage grilling, 2200 SEK (adult) 1600 SEK (children 5-14 years), free (0-5 years)

Overnight tours: Wildlife character with guide. You get your own sledge there you have your own packing and the common equipment that’s going along the tour. You come to our farm/camp the day before the tour begins, in the evening the group eats dinner together. The second day, when the tour begins, the group will come to our farm/camp and start to pack their own sledge, instructions are given about how you drive the sledge and how you handle the dogs. Then everybody helps each other to put the dogs into teams and off we go. We drive on scooter trails and also break trails.

The tour includes food (breakfast, light lunch and dinner) to the whole group (candy and alcohol taken by yourself), you sleep in easy cabins on the mountain. The cabins have wood oven for the heat. Normally the cabins have beds otherwise we will sleep on benches or the floor with sleeping mat. The cabins have outdoor toilet, we can fetch water in a stream nearby or melt snow. Everyone helps with feeding the dogs, making food to the group and cleaning.

NOTE! If you need to rent winter boots/sleeping bag/overalls/sleeping mat. Are you vegan/vegetarian or have an allergy you must tell us in advance!

For info and prices please contact us.

Dogsled dryland

There is other than standing behind a sledge with snow underneath, before the snow is coming we drive the dogs with four-wheeled wagon. Follow us on a training tour early in the morning and see the beautiful morning sun or a late evening when the cold has subsided! We have four wagons there it can be two on every wagon, the tour has a guide. Every team has 6-8 dogs.




  • 1-1,5 hour, 500 SEK (adult) 300 SEK (children 0-15 years)

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