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Buy organic cattle meat!

ORGANIC NATURE RANGE BEEF from our farm in Sörsjön. For you that wants the best quality, with high level of amino acids depending on fine pastures. The flavorsome meat (young Highland cattle x Hereford bulls) is slaughtered and cut in a local slaughterhouse, vacuum package and delivered in boxes. Treat yourself with the tastiest and best meat!

Åsen sheep

Åsen sheep is an eradication breed, these sheeps are smaller and has leaner meat then many other breeds.

Highland Cattle, Hereford and Limousin

We have also cattle for nature and forest pasture. That helps to hold meadows and the valley free from overgrowing. A variated natural diet gives the best and tasty meat as may be expected. Of course we have organic production.

We got the first Highland Cattle in the 90s. The latest years we have chosen to mix Hereford and now we try with a Limousine bull. The results after the mix is bigger and calmer animals.



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