About us

It was the dogs that brought us together, because we met on meetings in Norwegian Polardog club in the 90s. 1997 we moved up to Sörsjön, before we lived in Lödöse, Gothenburg. Year 1999 we got a daughter, Katarina.


Christer is born and grown in Gothenburg. After military service like an skydive hunter he worked with fish studies in northern Sweden. For various reasons Christer changed work in 1979 to fire and ambulance man in Gothenburg. After 18 years in emergency service in the fire brigade in several positions he quit in 1997. Christer have been president of the Swedish Alskan Malamute breed club and the Swedish polardog club between 2000-2006. Animals and nature has always been Christers big interest. He has three children, one with Kristin.


Kristin comes from Baerum outside  Oslo. When she grew up she was mostly interested in horses, dogs, and nature. Horses was the main interest and she competed in dressage riding as a young rider. She has worked in different stables in Norway. Kristin has been on the breeding board for the Swedish Alaskan Malamute club.


Katarina is the daughter of Christer and Kristin, she is born in 1999. She studies on the gymnasium in Mora and lives there during the week days. On the weekends she comes home to Sörsjön and spends her free time on the animals but mostly the dogs. While Katarinas parents is passionated on the Alaskan Malamutes she is passionated on the Alaskan Huskies. Katarina competes with her own huskies mostly in Norway. She helps out on the farm/company.